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Kyle Iverson and Family

Kyle Iverson and Family

Napa is home for Kyle Iverson and he is extremely grateful that his family of four is a part of the community.  He grew up in Napa and graduated from Cal State Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts in in Government with a Minor in History. His first love is spending time with his family, hiking, bike riding, fishing, and exploring new places and cultures. Kyle is dedicated to serving the community. He is in his 2nd elected term as a member of the Napa Valley College Board of Trustees for District 4. ​He also represents the Board on the Napa Valley College Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the

district. Kyle served on the Mentis Napa Board for 6 years and has been an active member of the Napa Sunrise Rotary for 9 years.  Kyle is focused on giving back to the community and improving Napa for everyone who calls it home.

Prior to developing expertise in helping people navigate the world of insurance, Kyle worked for many years with J. Lohr Winery.  Kyle has been the Principal Broker with Iverson & Schrette Insurance Services Since 2021.  This agency brings over seventy years of collective experience in providing health and life insurance benefits to small group business clients as well as families and individuals. 


As a benefits broker, Kyle specializes in Medicare and small group benefits support. Kyle helps find the best offerings through his expertise, experience, and always warm character.  You can catch up with him in the Napa Valley Register where he assists in responding to health insurance questions under the column “The Health Insurance Guys” alongside Tom Schrette and Alan Cash.


He can be reached at his office (707) 255-9511 or though his email


Tom Schrette

Tom Schrette has always been part of the Napa community, returning here after graduating with a Business Administration degree. After a chapter teaching Middle School, Tom went on to found the successful Shrette Insurance Services Agency. Tom recognized how difficult it can be to navigate the ins and outs of insurance world and built a business around making sure people found the very best option possible. He supports and participates in community projects, most recently serving on the Napa Valley College Foundation Board of Directors. After 40 years of helping Napans learn and navigate insurance, Tom is passing the torch to someone equally dedicated to educating and serving the Napa community, Kyle Iverson. Tom is serving in an advisory role as Kyle picks up the mantle of providing excellence in insurance counseling. Tom is also looking forward to spending more time indulging his hobbies, spending time with his family and looking toward his next chapter.

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